Live Curiously

This is your playground, your art room, your cabin in the woods, your museum in the city.

This is where you create your own adventures and make new discoveries.

The place where you explore stories that will inspire and open new worlds to you.

Where you will bring playfulness, passion, magic, creativity, and curiosity into your life.

This is where that inquisitive kitten inside you becomes a curious cat! Miiiiaaaow!

Live Curiously With The Curious Cat

In this virtual playground there are lots of resources to feed your curiosity and encourage your creativity.

  • Hop over to Explore and discover what it’s like to be a curious cat in residence by listening to stories and experiences you might never have heard before.
  • Listen to The Curious Cat Podcast – a podcast for those who love lucky dips! Listen to surprise stories that will inspire you to get curious, discover your passions, and create your own adventures.
  • Come read The Curious Cat Blog.
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  • Become part of The Curious Cat Clowder – my online community that encourages curiosity, exploration, discovery, and creativity – and check out the Curious Cat Missions. These are tasks to get you out into the world, exploring your surroundings, meeting new people, enjoying new experiences, being braver, getting creative, and living more curiously.

For a more personalised The Curious Cat experience,  head over to Work With Me to find out more about the services I offer in

  • Creative Coaching
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  • Life Story recording

Curiosity did not kill the cat. Curiosity killed the cat’s ennui!

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The Curious Cat Manifesto

I believe in the power of connection to unite and bring joy. And I believe that curiosity and storytelling are key to creating connections in the world.

With curiosity by your side your life can be filled with wonder and discovery. It helps you see the world anew.

I want to guide you through finding your curiosity again. I want to show you how each day can be an adventure, and how you can choose which life to live.

I want to share with you stories that will inspire you, bring you a fresh perspective, and introduce you to new worlds.

Through the telling and sharing of stories we can shine a light on unique lives, hidden lives, and forgotten lives.

Stories can inspire, teach, and heal. We can connect with each other through our shared experiences of beauty, pain, and wonder. We can learn about ourselves through the lives of others.

Opening our hearts and eyes to the beauty and magic of the world, to its infinite possibilities, and to our interconnectedness means that our lives can be more colourful, more fulfilling, and more respectful and understanding of others and the diverse world we live in.