Coming Home


Every Friday, individuals who wish to connect with the land and garden communally are invited to attend PLOT 22’s Garden Fridays.

In this intimate programme we meet three people who regularly attend the sessions and hear what drew them to the allotment. In understanding their relationship with the land we learn about the remarkable transformation it has had on their lives.

Produced for PLOT 22


The Last Act


With over one thousand artists and makers exhibiting their work in houses, gardens, studios, and shops, the Artists Open Houses Festival demonstrates the incredible diversity of creative expression that can be found in a small city by the sea.

This piece explores the work of four artists, their inspiration, and their motivations for opening their homes and studios to the public.


Open House


In this intimate piece, exhibitors and curators such as international artist Sam Toft talk about their involvement with the Artists Open Houses Festival.

They discuss their work,  their studio spaces, and what it is that makes Brighton such an attractive city to artists.

Featuring a Regency town house, the boiler room of an iconic 1930s modernist apartment block, and a chap called Mr Mustard.


Jardin Flambeau


Whispers were abound during the 2011 Brighton Festival that everyone must go to the event at St Ann’s Well Garden at dusk.

Approaching the park, we were welcomed by hundreds of twinkling lights that, as we drew nearer, transformed into countless terracotta plant pots ablaze and in motion.

Music, lights, and mechanica coaxed us down pathways as we were drawn into an increasingly magical world of light and fire.



Laser 3.14 Amsterdam


Using building materials as his canvas, graffiti artist Laser 3.14 transformed Amsterdam into the unlikely setting for a poetic treasure hunt for this Curious Cat in the Summer of 2007.

Stumbling across this hidden poetry revolutionised the cityscape for me and my days in Amsterdam were soon spent in pursuit of more of these discoveries!

At once permanent and impermanent, his words could be found whole, sliced, fragmented, and meshed throughout the city.

Live Curiously