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Nature’s Nippers

Nature’s Nippers is an outdoor group for parents and pre-school children at PLOT 22, a community allotment garden. Its aim is to encourage youngsters to connect with the earth, watch things grow, and understand where our food comes from. It’s an opportunity for children to play, explore, and discover.

This short film was created for PLOT 22.

Finding A Voice

Connor, Jacob, and Andrew are three young men about to embark on a new phase in their lives. They are students at Doucecroft Further Education Department in Essex Рa college for young people with autistic spectrum conditions.

This documentary explores the remarkable transformations that take place during their three years at ‘FE’ . We hear their reflections on the changes they have experienced, their thoughts and dreams as they prepare for the future. And we learn how it is through the transition from childhood to adulthood, that they have found their voice.

Produced for Doucecroft FE Department

Autism Anglia


Flesh and Bone

plot circle 2

“Everything we do, everything we say, is a story”

Over the course of one summer, a series of workshops were hosted by PLOT 22, an allotment garden, exploring the craft of storytelling.

Stories are so integral to our experience of being human; they powerfully resonate with each and every one of us.

Immerse yourself in the stories that were created and told at the PLOT and be inspired to tell your own story.

Produced for PLOT 22 www.plot22.org


The Side Road

side road image

(N.B. It may take a few seconds for the audio to load. Press ‘play’, put the kettle on, and it will be ready and waiting for you on your return!)

This audio documentary was commissioned by N-ARRO (Norfolk Alliance for the Rehabilitation and Resettlement of Offenders) as part of an insight study into the experiences of rehabilitation pathways in Norfolk amongst people with offending histories.

This is a unique opportunity to hear the voices of those who have had contact with the criminal justice system. Hear them reflect deeply and personally on their experiences of the rehabilitation process.

Produced for N-ARRO with Co-Social




Bare As You Dare!

Image by Roger Bamber

Every year, in cities across the world, cyclists throw off their clothes and ride naked as part of the World Naked Bike Ride – a global protest movement that celebrates bodies and human-powered transport, promotes green energy, and campaigns against car culture, oil dependency, and the destruction of the environment.

In this piece, I focus on the ride in Brighton, UK, and talk to cyclists both old and new to the event, discovering the many reasons why people are drawn to ride naked en masse.


Scooter Hanoi-Style

My memories of Vietnam are infused with the sight, sound, and smell of hundreds of scooters. Hundreds. Thousands even. Because owning a scooter is very much a part of being Vietnamese.

If they haven’t one already, most teenagers will expect to receive a scooter for their sixteenth birthday. It¬†signifies independence, freedom; and, for the wealthy who can afford the expensive Italian brands, it acts as status symbol.

The daily vision of scooters swollen with entire families, their goods and pets, belies the fact that it is illegal to carry more than two people at any one time.

The rule of the road? As a friend succinctly put it – “to ride a scooter in Vietnam is to have tunnel vision, you only need to look ahead”.



Laser 3.14 Amsterdam


Using building materials as his canvas, graffiti artist Laser 3.14 transformed Amsterdam into the unlikely setting for a poetic treasure hunt for this Curious Cat in the Summer of 2007.

Stumbling across this hidden poetry revolutionised the cityscape for me and my days in Amsterdam were soon spent in pursuit of more of these discoveries!

At once permanent and impermanent, his words could be found whole, sliced, fragmented, and meshed throughout the city.