The Packing Shed


The story of a unique landmark off the eastern coast of England – a packing shed built in the 1890s for the cleaning, sorting, and packing of oysters.

Oysters were central to the local economy of Mersea Island and were exported to hotels and restaurants in London and beyond.

As time passed, The Packing Shed fell into disrepair.

This documentary explores how a community restored the shed to its former glory and the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the trust that sought to revive and protect it.


Marking The Season


One Sunday a month, the PLOT 22 garden allotment opens its gate to host Garden Sundays, welcoming gardeners, enthusiasts, and novices of all ages to connect with the land and share a communal lunch made from the allotment’s produce.

In this piece, we are invited to hear from Harriett who describes the allotment as the seasons pass, its impact on her, and how PLOT 22 can be a model for living.

Produced for PLOT 22


Coming Home


Every Friday, individuals who wish to connect with the land and garden communally are invited to attend PLOT 22’s Garden Fridays.

In this intimate programme we meet three people who regularly attend the sessions and hear what drew them to the allotment. In understanding their relationship with the land we learn about the remarkable transformation it has had on their lives.

Produced for PLOT 22


Bare As You Dare!

Image by Roger Bamber

Every year, in cities across the world, cyclists throw off their clothes and ride naked as part of the World Naked Bike Ride – a global protest movement that celebrates bodies and human-powered transport, promotes green energy, and campaigns against car culture, oil dependency, and the destruction of the environment.

In this piece, I focus on the ride in Brighton, UK, and talk to cyclists both old and new to the event, discovering the many reasons why people are drawn to ride naked en masse.


The Last Act


With over one thousand artists and makers exhibiting their work in houses, gardens, studios, and shops, the Artists Open Houses Festival demonstrates the incredible diversity of creative expression that can be found in a small city by the sea.

This piece explores the work of four artists, their inspiration, and their motivations for opening their homes and studios to the public.


Open House


In this intimate piece, exhibitors and curators such as international artist Sam Toft talk about their involvement with the Artists Open Houses Festival.

They discuss their work,  their studio spaces, and what it is that makes Brighton such an attractive city to artists.

Featuring a Regency town house, the boiler room of an iconic 1930s modernist apartment block, and a chap called Mr Mustard.