Scotland Decides



Scooter Hanoi-Style

My memories of Vietnam are infused with the sight, sound, and smell of hundreds of scooters. Hundreds. Thousands even. Because owning a scooter is very much a part of being Vietnamese.

If they haven’t one already, most teenagers will expect to receive a scooter for their sixteenth birthday. It signifies independence, freedom; and, for the wealthy who can afford the expensive Italian brands, it acts as status symbol.

The daily vision of scooters swollen with entire families, their goods and pets, belies the fact that it is illegal to carry more than two people at any one time.

The rule of the road? As a friend succinctly put it – “to ride a scooter in Vietnam is to have tunnel vision, you only need to look ahead”.



Jardin Flambeau


Whispers were abound during the 2011 Brighton Festival that everyone must go to the event at St Ann’s Well Garden at dusk.

Approaching the park, we were welcomed by hundreds of twinkling lights that, as we drew nearer, transformed into countless terracotta plant pots ablaze and in motion.

Music, lights, and mechanica coaxed us down pathways as we were drawn into an increasingly magical world of light and fire.



Laser 3.14 Amsterdam


Using building materials as his canvas, graffiti artist Laser 3.14 transformed Amsterdam into the unlikely setting for a poetic treasure hunt for this Curious Cat in the Summer of 2007.

Stumbling across this hidden poetry revolutionised the cityscape for me and my days in Amsterdam were soon spent in pursuit of more of these discoveries!

At once permanent and impermanent, his words could be found whole, sliced, fragmented, and meshed throughout the city.