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I’m a creative coach, storyteller, anthropologist, and documentary maker with a mission to help you tap into your creativity and curiosity.

I am here to help you explore the world around you, discover what lights you up, and help you create a life of adventure.

At The Curious Cat HQ I offer services in:

  • Creative Coaching
  • The Curious Cat Residency
  • Life Story Recording

Creative Coaching

I help creatives, explorers, and dreamers ready for change.

  • Are you ready to get curious and explore your passions?
  • Do you want to discover who you are and what you are capable of?
  • Do you want to create a life of adventure?
  • Do you have a dream in the back of your mind you’d love to make a reality?
  • Do you feel frustrated, stuck, and at a standstill?
  • Do you feel like you’re not living up to your potential?

If you answered ‘yes’ to just one of these, then The Curious Cat’s Creative Coaching sessions are for you!

Whether you’re after one or two sessions to kickstart your curiosity and creativity, or you’d like a deeper dive over a number of sessions to support you in making changes, The Curious Cat is here to help!

I specialise in helping you create a life and career filled with exploration and discovery. A life where you can feel truly ‘you’.

Using my intuition and ability to connect and really understand people and their passions, I will help you find what you love and bring it out into the world.

I will guide you into your curiosity and creativity, helping you unlock new possibilities and opportunities along the way.

A Creative Coaching session with me will help you feel seen, heard, understood, inspired, and excited.

How Does It Work?

Before your first session I will send you a pre-session worksheet to help you feel fully primed for our meeting. It also means I can understand a little bit more about you, your situation, and what inspires you before we meet.

Our introductory session will last for up to 90 minutes and will be held in-person or by Skype depending on location and what is most convenient for you.

During this session we will discuss the answers in your pre-session worksheet, where you’re at right now, where you’d like to go, and what you’d like to get out of your coaching sessions.

Each 60 minute session thereafter will be tailor-made for you. These sessions are for you to explore what excites you and what brings you joy. They are for you to get curious about your life and the opportunities around you. To create change and make your dreams a reality.

After each session you will receive a document that will include a summary and actions we discussed, a personalised Curious Cat Mission, and inspirational material and resources to support you before our next Creative Coaching session.

As your creative coach I will support, guide, challenge, and inspire you.


  • Introductory 90 minute Creative Coaching session: £70
  • 60 minute Creative Coaching session: £65
  • *SPECIAL OFFER* Pre-book 3 x Creative Coaching sessions: £170 (save £30)


To book your Creative Coaching session, please call me on 07444 519506 or email me at vaska[at]the-curious-cat[dot]com


Prefer to email or instant message? Then this option is for you…

A session includes:

  • An introductory pre-session worksheet including an outline of your current situation and what you would like guidance with
  • 1 hour Creative Coaching session on Skype Instant Messenger

This option is great for you if

  • You feel a little shy or nervous in an in-person or online face-to-face coaching session
  • You are more confident at expressing yourself in writing
  • You like the idea of changing your life whilst still in your pyjamas!

This style of coaching is just as effective as face-to-face coaching.

I have a wealth of experience in coaching people online – both one-to-one and in groups.

Using my laser-sharp intuition and my ability to decode the language and tone you use in your writing, we will pinpoint how you’re really feeling and what you really want.

This is a great option if you’re on a budget but still want that push and guidance to help you create a life and career filled with exploration and discovery.


  • 60 minute Instant Messenger Creative Coaching session: £40


To book your Creative Coaching session, please call me on 07444 519506 or email me at


“I highly recommend a life coaching session with Vaska, she is enigmatic, fun, friendly, and her enthusiasm for creativity is infectious. I felt stagnant in my life path prior to Vaska’s life coaching sessions, she has helped me find my confidence and made the impossible possible.

She allows you to peer around and into the corners of your life that perhaps you knew were there but were afraid to delve into, or have not yet discovered. She draws out your inner voice and ambitions, and encourages you to progress forward feeling empowered and confident to dream your dreams.

Vaska is professional, intuitive, and uses talents you do not typically find in others to provide the best life coaching sessions that you will ever experience. Vaska really listens, and I mean REALLY listens, to things you have said and have not said and is perceptive in providing  an environment in which you feel relaxed and comfortable in to examine your goals and paths and dreams.

Give into your curiosity and give Vaska’s brilliant coaching sessions a try, you will not regret it!”

Christina, Insurance Adjustor

“Vaska is a very intuitive and an incredibly intelligent coach. She took time to really understand what was going on in my life, so that we could together identify things that were
important personally for me and my happiness, not what society tells us.
She then helped me to put together a plan of how these things could be achieved, which included simple steps with a clear timeline. Within months I got a job I always wanted to try and also enrolled on a short course to gain an interpreting qualification.
Vaska held my hand in a supportive and empowering way and reminded me that you need to just keep on trying and things will come.
I continue working with Vaska who is helping me to further move in the direction I want, but at a pace that feels right for me, given other things that are going on in my life.
Vaska has showed me that coaching can be incredibly valuable in putting together the right life for you. “
Tania, Charity Worker

“Working with Vaska is a joy. It is clear that she really cares about getting her clients’ voices heard.

She has a natural, warm coaching style that is both supportive and encouraging. Her brilliant questioning ability got me to challenge my perspective and get to the heart of what I wanted and not what I thought I should want. On top of all that she has a playful edge that means you really enjoy the whole experience.

Highly recommended if you need clarity. I trust her implicitly. It’s like trusting a baker to bake a cake = no brainer!”

Lisa, Coach

“I really enjoyed our session and feel really good about it. It felt almost indulgent. All about me with perfect advice and alot of things that made me feel positive and a feeling of I can do this! Thank you xxx”

Louise, Jewellery Designer

“I just want to say thank you for the coaching 🙂 I really enjoyed it and I found it really useful. It has given me a direction and lots of food for thought. You have helped me focus and now it is time for me to implement this. You have been a great catalyst.”

Andy, Musician

The Curious Cat Residency

  • Does your organisation have a story to tell?
  • Do you want to show the world how unique you are?
  • Are you ready to celebrate the work you do and the impact your organisation has on others?
  • Do you want to develop your brand identity?

At The Curious Cat, I offer The Curious Cat Residency – a multi-media storytelling immersion into your organisation, cultural institution, business, venue, or community.

During a residency, I discover and gather the stories of a place. I draw out the stories of the people that you work with and who you meet each day.

I get under the skin of somewhere you know really well and make the familiar unfamiliar again. I open people’s eyes to what is hidden and reveal the experiences, voices, wisdom, and magic that ought to be seen by the world.

With my background in documentary making, social anthropology and social research, oral history, media and communications, and creative coaching, I will create an utterly unique multi-media portrait of your organisation.

The Curious Cat Residency is bespoke to you and will be designed according to your needs and wishes.

The story of your organisation can be told through audio, film, photography, prose, written reports and interviews, and even through real-time dispatches via your social media channels.

Check out some examples of past residencies here.


If you would like to find out more about having The Curious Cat in Residence,  please call me on 07444 519506 or email me at


“Vaska produces high quality, sensitive pieces of audio documentary and our project has benefited enormously from working with her. Her sensitive curiosity and insightful intelligence is an absolute gift when interviewing, especially in groups where some may be experiencing difficulty, ill health or distress. She is deeply respectful – creating a sense of safety and trust during her interviews – and unafraid to ask the important questions. I am often astounded at the richness of the results; expertly edited and delivered in manageable formats. The Curious Cat describes perfectly her combination of intuition, intelligence and lightness of touch.”

Emma Houldsworth, PLOT 22

“Vaska conducted the interviews she needed to produce the audio documentary with our students over the course of approximately 4 days. Our students have difficulties in the areas of expressive and receptive language so it would be a challenge to record their views on their schooling and what the future might hold for them. Vaska worked with patience and understanding and her delicate and intuitive approach to this with our students, enabled them to find their voices and speak movingly and openly about their feelings and experiences. Her presence was unobtrusive and her sensitive, friendly and low key approach charmed all who worked with her. We have been amazed at the insights our students were able to reveal for the purposes of the audio documentary and many a tear was shed when the documentary was given its first airing!”

Barbara Morrison, Autism Anglia

“Vaska is a dedicated, reliable and inspiring creative producer. Having worked along side her on several projects her ability to put people at ease and quickly build a rapport is enviable. I have commissioned Vaska to run several projects and she quickly and clearly understood our brief producing a piece of real value to our organisation. I would hire or commission her again in a heartbeat!”

Louisa Fearnley, Creative Producer

“Many thanks to you too Vaska for being the best interviewer I have experienced!”

Sam Toft, Artist 

“We just loved what you had made. It is such a beautiful record of the Shed and with the background noise of the gulls and waves it is very evocative of the nature of Packing Marsh Island. What we really want to say is thank you for making such a brilliant podcast.”

Chairman, The Packing Shed Trust 

“In order to produce a documentary for the Refugee Radio charity, Vaska spent over a year mentoring a destitute asylum seeker. She met with him on a weekly basis and supported him to cope with his physical and mental health problems. Rather than just making a programme about refugees, Vaska worked hard to ensure that refugee voices were heard and sensitively helped our participant to develop themes based on issues in his own life. Together they selected experts and devised interviews that Vaska then edited into a professional radio documentary. The quality of the production was much higher than our other programmes and we have repeated it several times to help raise awareness of the issues involved. Vaska continued to support our participant even after the documentary was finished as she is not just committed to high standards of audio production but is also dedicated to making a positive change in society.

Stephen Silverwood, Chief Executive, Refugee Radio  

Life Story Recording

Your life is an adventure and it’s a story that deserves to be told.

I help people celebrate their lives, the roads they’ve travelled, and the unexpected turns they’ve taken by recording their life stories.

A Life Story with The Curious Cat is an audio recording of your memories that you can keep and share.

I am passionate about helping people tell their stories.

When you give yourself, or someone you love, the gift of telling your life story, you are giving yourself a space to share, the experience of being truly listened to, and something special you can give to your loved ones – the gift of sharing your life.

A Life Story gives you the opportunity to tell a story you might not have told before, to celebrate and remember fondly the paths you have taken, the events, and relationships that have shaped your life.

It’s a powerful experience of celebration and reflection.


To find out more about what a Life Story with me involves please visit Life Story.

To book your Life Story recording, please call me on 07444 519506 or email me at Alternatively, you can visit my dedicated Life Story website.


“I listened to Vaska’s productions at The Curious Cat and was impressed by her professional caring, compassionate interviews so decided to put my trust in her and record my history.

I admit I was apprehensive but Vaska has an amazing relaxed manner and very quickly made me feel comfortable and at ease. What followed was a wonderful trip down memory lane. With sensitive unobtrusive prompting from Vaska I was able to remember lots of happy memories which had been tucked away and hidden in corners of my mind for many many years.

Thank you Vaska for producing such a lovely sensitive recording. I really am so glad I went ahead. It was great to share with my children who laughed with me at the recorded memories and learnt new things about me, my thoughts and childhood, I hope one day my grandchildren will too.”


“Vaska interviewed my mother (aged 88) about her childhood memories of growing up in Scotland, on a hill farm, during the war. She knew how to ask just the right sort of questions to elicit interesting stories and anecdotes. My family is delighted with the result. We now have a fascinating recording of Mum’s voice talking about her memories. It is something our children, grandchildren and future generations will be able to cherish for ever. Thank you so much Vaska!”


“As a family we had always loved listening to our Mum’s stories about her childhood and early life in Scotland. We were brought up and lived all our lives in England so these Scottish stories had a special meaning for us.

We decided to ask Vaska to record our Mum and her lovely voice recounting what she could remember of her life in her village. We are so glad we did. Mum is now 87 and some of her stories are losing their clarity, so listening back to her recordings have given us all, Mum included, lots of laughs. Listening to them always stimulates new thoughts and memories for her, which are invaluable for us.

We wish we’d done this for our Dad who died unexpectedly at 69 but had a wealth of stories about his childhood and his travels in the Merchant Navy.”