We Are All Different; We Are All The Same

This audio documentary was commissioned by the Community Relations and Equality Board for Norfolk as part of an insight study into the day-to-day experiences and opinions of community tensions and ‘hate’ in Great Yarmouth.

This is a unique opportunity to listen to peoples’ lived experiences of being identified as different because of who they are. It captures perceptions and opinions on who or what they think is responsible for tensions in Great Yarmouth.  The documentary also captures the importance of connections between individuals and groups and how these can help break down barriers and diffuse tensions.

Produced for the Community Relations and Equality Board for Norfolk.

Scotland Decides



Gentle Into The Future

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In this documentary, we follow Charles, Lewis, and Max as they near the end of their three years at ‘FE’ – Doucecroft Further Education Department in Essex – a college for young people with autistic spectrum conditions.

Gentle Into The Future celebrates their transition into adulthood and the achievements they have made throughout their time at FE.  We hear their reflections on the changes they have experienced and their thoughts and dreams as they prepare to embark on their future lives.

Produced for Doucecroft FE Department



Freedom, Connection, and Community

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Every month, Garden Sundays at PLOT 22 provide an opportunity for families and children to connect with the earth, its produce, and each other.

In this piece we hear of the profound effect this community allotment has had on one woman’s life – her relationship with others and the importance of connection and community.

Produced for PLOT 22 www.plot22.org


The Packing Shed


The story of a unique landmark off the eastern coast of England – a packing shed built in the 1890s for the cleaning, sorting, and packing of oysters.

Oysters were central to the local economy of Mersea Island and were exported to hotels and restaurants in London and beyond.

As time passed, The Packing Shed fell into disrepair.

This documentary explores how a community restored the shed to its former glory and the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the trust that sought to revive and protect it.



Marking The Season


One Sunday a month, the PLOT 22 garden allotment opens its gate to host Garden Sundays, welcoming gardeners, enthusiasts, and novices of all ages to connect with the land and share a communal lunch made from the allotment’s produce.

In this piece, we are invited to hear from Harriett who describes the allotment as the seasons pass, its impact on her, and how PLOT 22 can be a model for living.

Produced for PLOT 22 www.plot22.org


Live Curiously